The students of today will determine the world of tomorrow, and our goal is to ensure they are prepared for what lies ahead. Virtual and augmented reality offer a multi-tiered approach which not only elevates the learning potential in numerous subjects, but also instills a curiosity and enjoyment in a burgeoning industry that will be a major factor in how they will live, work, and play in the near future. This form of experiential learning is revolutionizing the way students receive content because it allows for them to learn-by-doing, without ever leaving the classroom. A common downfall of educational technology is it's delivery into the classroom without properly preparing the educators to utilize the technology. Our service provides students, and teachers, the opportunity to experience something that will enhance the curriculum, and increase material retention, establishing a new dimension in learning. Contact us to learn how we can help effectively implement VR into the classroom.

Keeping high school students engaged and excited about learning is tough job. As a teacher, my goal is always to give students meaningful learning experiences. Reality Bytes provides just that! They have so many different programs to integrate into the classroom. Not only do they have a great product, they work very well with high school students. I can't wait to continue working with them!

- Eleanor McMahon, Mathematics Teacher

Chicago Technology Academy


Visual Arts | Geometry

History | Geography | Language Arts

Foreign Language | Biology


Curriculum Specific Content

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