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OKC Thunder Case Study

The OKC project coincided with the Thunder's All-Star campaign and incorporated several elements, including a pop-a-shot game, a City Jersey release display, interactive player cards, and a theater room with highlight videos. 

Phase 1

We met with the OKC team to discuss their familiarity with VR, determine project goals, and ideate the initial concepts. They were looking to develop an experience that was fun and interactive, while highlighting All-Star nominees and the new City Jersey that was recently released. We also discussed OKC's plans for on-site activations to ensure that the experience fit those needs, and to determine the recommended number of headsets for a successfully implementation.

Phase 2

Once we had the details of the experience established, we started working on its development and simultaneously started to prepare the hardware packages for delivery to OKC. These packages included:

  • Meta Quest 2 VR Headset

  • Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap with Extended Battery

  • Meta Quest 2 Carrying Case

  • Wipeable Protective Gear for Headset and Controllers

  • VR Headset Table Stand

  • Headset Management Software

Phase 3

As soon as the hardware packages were ready, they were shipped to OKC in preparation for their testing of the VR experience. Prior to loading the experience on their headsets, we shared videos and screenshots throughout the development process to ensure that it continually remained inline with their goals and vision. Additional assets were also shared, including OKC branded controller settings and poster templates for use in the activations.


Phase 4

Following the completion of the experience, we pushed it out to the OKC headsets for them to experience for the first time. After they had some time to test it out, we met again to review their feedback and suggested modifications before pushing out a finalized build for use in a planned activation.


Phase 5

OKC launched their VR experience with three headset stations that they built out with branded backdrops, posters, videos, and more. After the activation came to a close, we met again with OKC to discuss any issues, concerns, or potential considerations for future projects. Minor adjustments were made and a new build was pushed out based on the feedback received during the activation. 


Phase 6

OKC used the headsets in activations throughout the rest of the season, continuing to provide any additional feedback that may have come up. With this first project in place, we started discussing the next phases of development to expand their VR footprint and provide unique and exciting experiences for their devoted fans!

OKC VR Environment
Virtual Reality Equipment
OKC Pop-A-Shot Controls
Girl using VR headseat and controls
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